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At Hoatzzin Logistics, we provide customized logistics solutions to suit your business needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop a logistics plan that is tailored to your requirements.

Aerospace Solutions
When an aircraft is unable to fly, it presents numerous challenges for the operator. The situation requires swift action, which is why our AOG team specializes in providing immediate support by shipping replacement... read more
Pharma and Healthcare Logistics Solutions
At Hoatzzin Logistics, we provide tailor-made transportation and comprehensive logistics services for the Healthcare sector, while adhering to the utmost standards of quality and service that are essential for managing the supply chain... read more
At Hoatzzin Logistics, we provide tailored transportation and comprehensive logistics solutions specifically designed for the automotive industry. Our commitment to delivering top-quality services that meet our customers' expectations is unwavering. Our offerings cover... read more
Road Freight
We transport your products worldwide with our fleet. As a road logistics provider with a streamlined transport network, our priority is delivering first-rate service to every client. Our global reach includes a diverse... read more
Ocean Freight
Our worldwide sea freight service is a cost-effective option when price outweighs speedy delivery. With an extensive agent network, we are able to provide complete door-to-door service to all international ports. As a... read more
Air Freight
Worldwide Air Freight Services Looking for a safe and reliable way to transport your goods by air? Look no further than Hoatzzin Logistics. Our extensive experience in logistics enables us to provide exceptional... read more
Warehousing and Supply Chain Solutions
Hoatzzin Logistics can assist your business in achieving its warehousing goals, whether you require long-term supply chain expansion or short-term inventory management. With bonded facilities across the country and global coverage, we can... read more
Industrial Projects
Hoatzzin Logistics has honed its project management expertise in a variety of industries, including marine, convention, and transborder logistics, with several years of experience under its belt. Whether it's a small drydock or... read more
Bulk Carrier Operations
Bulk carrier operations is a key segment of the logistics industry that involves the transportation of large quantities of raw materials, commodities, and other goods that are typically unpackaged and non-containerized. These goods... read more
Cargo Insurance
We aim to exceed your expectations by extending CARGO insurance policy to offer comprehensive coverage for all cargos up to 110% of the commercial invoice value. Carriers and forwarders have limited accountability. In... read more
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You’ll gain access to our expertise and benefit from our ability to navigate the unique challenges that arise in the global supply chain. Trust us to deliver the solutions you need to succeed.

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You can take advantage of all our innovations, whether it's a minor enhancement to our Air and Ocean Freight products, or a major advancement in warehousing. We constantly strive to improve our services and stay at the forefront of industry developments, so you can rest assured that you'll always benefit from the latest and greatest solutions.

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This is why our exceptional support team at Hoatzzin Logistics is always ready to apply their expertise and passion for finding solutions that work for your business. You can count on our dedicated team to go above and beyond in providing the support you need to achieve your goals.